Solar Central Air Conditioning System Flow
Solar Central Air Conditioning System Applicability

Solar absorption air conditioning system consists of two parts, solar hot collectors and absorption chillers. The solar collectors provide the energy for the chiller to provide the cooling capacity.

The solar air conditioning system includes both heating and cooling. It's a good choice for office building, hostel, school, hospital, swimming pool and many other place to get heating, living hot water, swimming warm water in winter, and to get cooling in summer.

The power consumption of absorption chiller is only 1/20 of electric chiller. The consumption of whole system is only 1/10 of ordinary electric chiller. It's also with low noise. The absorption chiller is an ideal environmental friendly and energy-saving products. We provide all kinds of products for 200 m2 to 3000m2 air conditioning area. The system we sell includes Chiller, Cooling Water Pump, Chilled Water Pump, Control System, and Cooling Tower(determined by model).

As the energy radiated by the sun is quite different over the world, the required area of solar collectors are not the same. We recommend the solar collector area for the chiller as the following table:

Hot Water Absorption Chiller RXZ-11.5RXZ-23RXZ-35RXZ-58RXZ-115RXZ-230RXZ-290RXZ-350
Integrated Hot-water Chiller TX-11.5TX-23TX-35TX-58TX-115TX-230TX-290TX-350
Required Solar Collector Area m254108162270540108013501620
Air Conditioning Area m280-100150-200250-300400-500800-10001500-20002000-25002500-3000

Air conditioning area refers to the office or family room with good insulation.