solar energy air-condition system
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Jiangsu Huineng New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design, production, and marketing of central air conditioning, especially solar air conditioning.

As one of the national largest-scale production base air conditioning field, the product family now mainly includes solar central air conditioning, small-size fuel fired & hot water operated lithium bromide absorption chiller, as well as integrated unit which is the perfect combination of absorption chiller, cooling water tower and pumps.

With the most advanced equipments and collaboration with institutions of higher education such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as well as strict quality management and warranty system, our corporation assures you that you will certainly enjoy and benefit from our excellent price versus performance ratio and high quality.

Following the business philosophy of "Technical Innovation and Integrity-based" , and adhering to the qualify policy at "Continuous Improvement and Strive for Perfection" , HuiN is sparing no efforts to commit to the cause of saving energy and using renewable energy for our human being.

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About Solar Center Air Conditioning

Under the situation of growing tension and soaring cost for energy, states are focusing on effective type to use solar energy because it is not only a regenerative energy, but a clean one without any pollution against our environment. Therefore, the solar usage in air-conditioning field has launched with great prospects.

In summer, the power consumption of electric air conditioning is almost 1/3 of the entire power consumption which is just the reason of overwhelmed requirements for power system in the season. Therefore, the solar air conditioning enjoys greatly attractiveness from the beginning. Actually, the theory of solar unit is the same to electric one and the mainly difference is to use different energy which make different structure. Furthermore, there are several types to use solar to make cool, and the most perfect one is to use lithium bromide solution as the absorber and water as refrigerant. When the radiation from sun is stronger, it is hotter, and we need more air conditioning load, in such condition, we can get more cooling capacity from solar by this kind of unit.

As a matter of fact, the solar unit is more expensive than electric one, however its running cost is greatly cheaper and only 1/20 or even 1/50 of electric one. Therefore, its prospect of generalization& popularization is really very bight with the energy policy inclined to clean one.